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Why training on your EMM solution delivers a great ROI

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Once you find an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that can manage your mobile estate, whilst giving end users access to data easily and securely around the clock, do you as an IT administrator, just install it, sit back and relax? The answer is probably no.  

Often we can overlook the need for the right level of skills to successfully administer our EMM software on an ongoing basis. Being trained on your EMM or MDM solution is crucial when dealing with new technology, so that your leading-edge technology stays that way and doesn’t become a bleeding-edge project instead. It will give you the required knowledge needed to install, configure, deploy and manage the solution effectively, but it can also have wide reaching opportunity gains throughout the business. 

So what are the benefits of being trained on your preferred EMM or MDM solution?

Managing your EMM solution effectively and efficiently: Being fully adept with the solution, means that you can manage your mobile technology, devices and processes competently, providing an exemplarily service that the users will benefit from and in turn increase their productivity. If there are any unexpected issues, they can be resolved quickly as you have the most up to date product knowledge at your fingertips, enabling you to solve them without much downtime or outages to the systems. Essentially you have the right level of skills and knowledge to now administer the solution. 

Creating a seamless user experience, reducing support time for your IT organisation: By giving employees a secure and optimal user experience, not only will their productivity increase as they can access their files and work wherever and whenever they need to, meaning gains in productivity levels to multiple lines of business, but also time spent firefighting issues from users will be reduced your end. Your knowledge and skills means a more stable environment for the employees, so less IT help requests coming through to your department. This means you can spend more time on strategic, value-add activities within the IT organisation. 

Keeping the mobility project lifecycle on track: Training on your solution brings a deeper insight into the fundamental features and functionalities of the software, helping you to understand what this means for not only the users but also the business in terms of aligning the technology with the mobile strategy and overall business goals. Being able to articulately communicate to all departments the new technology features will help shape the mobile processes, and policies going forward. As Jason Holloway, Managing Director of Bridgeway, mentioned in another recent blog post, what’s needed is a documented mobility plan focusing on the needs of the different lines of business matched to the skills and resources available in the IT department to ensure the success of mobility projects. Therefore fully understanding the software you are using as part of this, will surely support the project and it’s plans further. 

Training is useful across the board, but it becomes essential in these fast-moving, constantly changing environments. Bridgeway are therefore excited to announce our new MobileIron training, as part of our new dedicated training service, Bridge Train. We believe that giving hands-on, in-depth training on the MobileIron platform, will give your organisation a great foundation to build your mobile first organisation on. You’ll learn from our expert, experienced consultants through intimate practical lessons, giving you the skills you need to keep your organisation truly mobile now and into the future.  

Bridgeway would love to hear from you if you’re interested in training, so get in touch if you’d like to find out more at:

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