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How do you guarantee your Mobile IT project is a success? The million dollar question.

How do you guarantee your Mobile IT project is a success? The million dollar question.

Posted by Louisa Mackintosh 20 May 2016

How do you guarantee your Mobile IT project is a success? The million dollar question.

Interested in moving your Mobile IT project from tactical to strategic? Do you want to know how to give your mobility project the best possible chance of success?  Last week, we brought together a group of IT security professionals from a range of industry sectors to our latest Mobile IT User Forum to discuss all of the above. Attendees heard from industry experts with state of the nation updates, had access to view and demo enterprise-class security solutions and networked with peers discussing similar challenges.

As a specialist organisation at the forefront of Mobile IT projects, we see the challenges that organisations face every day. The main struggles we discussed at our forum event (but are all too common) included:  

  • Managing a mixed mobile estate in an enterprise environment

  • Understanding and meeting requirements from lines of business

  • Keeping up with the complex and ever-changing compliance requirements

  • Understanding the diverse market place that is Mobile IT and staying one step ahead

Having deployed over 200 mobility projects in the UK we have the experience and expertise to guide organisations through their mobility lifecycle. We really understand the key drivers behind the project and what needs to happen to make it a success. It’s not as simple as purchasing mobile devices and deploying an MDM/EMM solution to them. 

So how can you give your project every chance to succeed? 

  • Understand the rapidly evolving nature of the mobility market and prepare for change at a faster rate - gone are the five year plans in this space.

  • Identify where you are in your IT project right now. It’s almost inevitable that organisations will at some point enter the quagmire stage, which risks stalling the project. A common pain is caused by the challenge of addressing the unvoiced expectations of the business in the day-to-day IT management cycle.

  • Agree and document your mobility strategy involving all lines of business. This will give your organisation a greater understanding of the shared prioritised and agreed plan, goals and outcomes. 

  • Understand the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your mobility project. Often organisations solely focus on the acquisition costs of devices. What mustn’t be overlooked is the ongoing operational and personnel costs of devices throughout their operational lifetime. 

Come along to our next event in London on the 6th July where we’ll help give your organisation’s Mobile IT project every chance to succeed. 

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