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Your users are already using Dropbox so why not take control?

Your users are already using Dropbox so why not take control?

Posted by Jason Holloway 26 May 2016

At Bridgeway, providing quality solutions to our customers has always been a top priority. Since day one, we’ve been committed to hand-picking the best technologies to fit our customers’ needs. That’s why it was an easy decision for us to join the Dropbox Partner Network and add Dropbox for Business to our portfolio of partner offerings.  So why are we so excited?

There is a fundamental shift taking place in the way that organisations work.  We are rapidly transitioning from fixed, silo-like functional departments, into transverse, flexible project teams. Therefore, fast, efficient and secure data sharing and simple, unified project collaboration is essential for organisations to reach their desired agility and productivity goals.

Enabling internal and external cross-team collaboration and information sharing needs to be easy but it also needs to be secure.  We progressed a few years ago from sharing unsecured CDs and DVDs to sharing encrypted USB drives.  These were easier to carry, held more data, and could be secured. This represented a significant step towards improved visibility and control of data, whilst enabling productive collaboration within teams

Today, employees require immediate and flexible access from a wide range of device types and form factors.  In the modern, connected and mobile world, the traditional USB drive is dead.  Your users are already using and demanding Dropbox as their preferred collaboration and sharing service, so why not empower your users and gain control and visibility over their use of this unique solution?

Dropbox is a unique offering that delivers the same trusted, user-friendly service to businesses through Dropbox for Business. Founded in 2007, Dropbox has been a trusted service for over 500 million users to put their most important content. It solves the tough problem of syncing files from your computer so you can work on them offline, and lets you access to your data, whenever you need it. Dropbox is also cross-platform, so you can use it with the operating system or mobile device your company already uses.

Whether your employees are already using Dropbox, have never tried a cloud-based solution, or are somewhere in-between, Dropbox for Business makes it incredibly easy to get started or move into the business offering. Plus, we’ll be there with you every step of the way to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

Dropbox for Business is currently used in over 4 million businesses, with 1 billion files saved per day.  That’s astounding! 

To learn more about Dropbox for Business and how it can impact your business, contact us at to speak with one of our experienced team.