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A problem shared… the benefit of networking to improve your business transformation

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The world of emerging tech is complex and often daunting. We can quickly get used to shutting ourselves away, confined within our own working environment and left to deal with all the various struggles and challenges that arise by ourselves - or if you’re lucky enough, with a supportive team. That’s why at Bridgeway we host our Cloud & Mobile Security Forum events, because we hear how valuable it is for IT professionals to come together outside the office with peers and share their challenges, issues and ways to overcome them. 


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A problem shared is a problem halved, as they say. Networking helps to shed light on how others are working with emerging tech, trends and policies that arise each quarter. At our last event we had attendees tell us:

“The tea breaks, lunchtime break and round table discussions are valuable spaces to talk to other people who are in a similar position and listen to the problems they’ve encountered. The problem with reading articles online is that there are contradictions depending on the author's viewpoint so it’s great to get out and talk in person to people who are really doing the job day to day."

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Another said: “We use webinars quite a bit with suppliers and they are a good way to see what’s going on but attending face to face events like Bridgeway's Business Transformation Forums are a great way to find out what others are doing - you don’t want to sit in your own bubble after all.”

We had some great feedback on the content we delivered at the last event Bristol in October 2018. See what our attendees in said below:

"It's been really useful good to catch up with peers and keep up to date with everything that’s going on. It’s all relevant and the unique experience we get with you guys is a good customer relationship - you know our situation as well as us knowing yours so it’s great to have that bespoke experience. Your events cover a broad spectrum throughout the day.”


“I found it useful for gaining knowledge on trends and things, for example, we’re thinking about Android Enterprise and setting it all up. This is the third one I’ve been to and at the first one Jason mentioned Android and everyone kind of shied away, but coming here now it is on trend so it was a great confirmation that we are on the right lines and it was a good platform to invest in.”


“Today really hit home with all the stuff we all of the stuff we are covering off at the moment. Most of it we are familiar with but it was good to hear about how other businesses are dealing with some of the issues we have been facing."


“The presentations and discussions were very relevant to what we are doing, just as they were last year.


“I've had a really really good day, really enjoyed the presentation about Android Enterprise, Lookout were fantastic as well, so it was a really good informative day.”


"The presentations were very informative in terms of the the Android management and helpful stuff with Office 365 integration that my business is looking at now. It’s been a useful day for us for sure. We’re always looking out for the next thing, so it’s always useful to come to events like this to talk to people in the same boat."

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