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Aruba ClearPass Promises NAC Utopia

Aruba ClearPass Promises NAC Utopia

Posted by Louisa Mackintosh 21 June 2018

Network access control is no longer just for performing assessments on known devices before access. You can’t secure what you can’t see, meaning that security starts with visibility of all devices.

Designed to address this, the ClearPass Policy Manager is a comprehensive platform providing users with:

  • Detailed visibility of all wired and wireless devices connecting to the enterprise
  • Increased control through simplified and automated authentication or authorisation of devices
  • Faster incident analysis and response through the integration of Aruba IntroSpect UEBA as well as third-party partner applications

Granular policy enforcement is based on a user’s role, device type and role, authentication method, EMM/MDM attributes, device health, traffic patterns, location, and time-of-day. The platform also includes a range of innovative features that go over and above traditional NAC to save you and your users time and improve the customer experience dramatically.

Find out how to bring visibility, security and control to your enterprise.  Download the security whitepaper and find out how Aruba ClearPass can enforce  security throughout your enterprise.


Aruba ClearPass Promises NAC Utopia

Free your IT team from BYOD onboarding

Everybody but IT teams loves BYOD. Managing the onboarding of personal devices for BYOD deployments puts a strain on IT and helpdesk resources, and unchecked personal devices on corporate networks create security headaches. ClearPass has a number of smart features that make implementing a BYOD policy fast, safe, and scaleable.

  • ClearPass’ Onboard feature lets end-users safely configure devices for use on secure networks all on their own
  • Device specific certificates eliminate the need for users to repeatedly enter login credentials throughout the day
  • The IT team defines who can onboard devices, the type of devices they can onboard, and how many devices per person, through a centralised web administration portal

Just that convenience alone is a win for simplified security, not to mention the security gains to be had from using certificates in the first place.


Time for a checkup — automated health assessments

With Aruba, you can perform automated health assessments on every device that attempts to connect to the enterprise network to check compliance with corporate anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall policies, and helps block vulnerabilities.

This means you can apply deny connections to any device that doesn’t successfully pass health checks, using ClearPass’ OnGuard technology. It’ll show you if a user has a jailbroken phone, for example, or let you decide what you want to happen if someone tries using a USB stick at work, and has optional powerful auto-remediation and quarantine capabilities.

OnGuard works across all sorts of operating systems — including legacy versions — and can centrally identify compliant endpoints quickly, whether they be using wireless, wired or VPN connections.

Discover how to improve end to end security with Aruba ClearPass.

Let’s see some ID, please — Auto Sign-On

ClearPass’ innovative Auto Sign-On technology enables your workforce to be more productive by using a valid network login to automatically provide users with access to enterprise apps. This makes logging in to work apps throughout the day fast and effortless, while minimising the risk of accidental insider threats. Your users only need their network login or a valid certificate on their devices to make it work.

ClearPass also supports Single Sign-On and can also be used as your identity provider or service provider, too. This means that your users get a safe, secure and productive environment to get work done in, wherever they choose to be working from.

Plays nice with others — numerous integrations

It is all very well having a highly secure environment, but it needs to be responsive. Aruba recognises that many of its customers are already using best-in-class solutions from an array of vendors to cover firewalls, MDM/EMM, MFA, visitor registration, SIEM and many more tools.

Using ClearPass, you’ll be able to automate security threat remediation and leverage contextual intelligence through tight integrations with third-party security tools, ensuring that security and visibility is provided at a device, network access, traffic inspection and threat protection level.

Request your Aruba ClearPass datasheet or free trial

In short, the platform goes beyond traditional AAA solutions to deliver extensive enforcement capabilities for IT-owned and BYOD security requirements by leveraging contextual intelligence alongside traditional device profiling.

If you’re wondering about the best way to solve your network access control challenges, we’ve got a friendly team of experts who would love to hear about your specific issues. Register for your free trial using the button below or request the Aruba ClearPass datasheet from our team.

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