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Automating Contract Workflows - Tips for Local Councils

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Automating Contract Workflows

The turbulent times and current COVID-19 pandemic have introduced new challenges for councils and local government organisations. With most buildings having restricted access to everyday resources and employees transitioning to a work from anywhere model; the “normal” way of working has changed significantly.
We have found that council services such as HR, procurement and legal services have been the most affected with their manual processes facing disruption. On average, contracts tend to be created and completed in an 18-day cycle, a long and costly period.
Bridgeway has helped councils confront this by enabling local councils to integrate solutions with current systems and with automating the contract signing process. With the aid of a legally binding electronic signature solution, we have managed to speed up document turnaround times and increase completion rates for local government organisations.
Whether it is processing a procurement purchase order, onboarding new staff, approving non-disclosure agreements or signing legal agreements, we can help improve efficiency. Here we have some top tips to improve and automate your contract workflows.

Automated Notifications

Notification and email reminders are great for quickly displaying what stage of the process the contract is sitting. Employees can effectively save time and resources by shifting their focus away from rigid processes, and instead focus on priority tasks. An internal reminder via Slack or Teams, in particular, is useful for prompting action.

eSignature Capabilities

eSignatures are vital to agile working and enabling your workforce to be productive from beyond your perimeter
Traditionally, signing processes were relatively simple. You walk the document around the signatories within the office. Although the process of downloading, printing, signing, scanning then sending, may not have been the most efficient, councils got by as the relevant parties were all based in the same location. However, that is no longer the case with individuals having to hire couriers or take unnecessary risks by visiting the office.
With eSignatures, legally binding documents can be created, sent and signed in a matter of a few clicks. Councils can also rest assured that the documents are encrypted and have a full audit trail saved for compliance purposes

Audit your workflows

Whether your priorities are to save money or reduce risk, it is always important to document what is happening and what is not happening. Not only is this crucial for compliance reasons, but from an analytical perspective, it can point out areas which could benefit from improvement.
Taking the time now to re-evaluate your workflow management cycle can save you more time and money in the future.


An arsenal of pre-loaded templates can contribute towards improving efficiency. To maximise efficiency, including personalised snippet commands, can save time. Whichever contract management tool you’re using, it should empower you to quickly revise existing templates to suit the unique needs of each specific agreement.

Automate Manual Tasks

Without a dedicated structure in place, critical documents may be lost or lapse as key dates pass. From a compliance perspective, there must be robust measures in place, especially when it comes to embracing digital transformation. By automating repeatable tasks, your employees have the opportunity to be more productive in other areas.

Use an End-To-End Contract Management System

By storing all of your contracts and interactions with stakeholders in one place, you enable full visibility of your relationship with the stakeholder, while also eliminating the risk of miscommunication, missing information and inefficiency.

Review your contract management workflows

If an organisation is to be to be truly agile, it needs to be willing to review and critically analyse current processes, whether they are old or new; set regular intervals for reviews; be open to all considerations. Improvements can always be made.
If you found this useful and if you would like to find out more about how we can help you automate your workflows and increase efficiency for your council. Follow the link below and get in touch.

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