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The many benefits of buying through G-Cloud

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Benefits of Buying Through G-Cloud

Bridgeway are delighted to announce that our customers and prospective customers can now purchase Cloud Software services from us, through the G-Cloud 11 framework.

Now in its 11th iteration, the G-Cloud framework is designed to have far-reaching benefits for the public sector in selecting and purchasing cloud services, cloud hosting, cloud software and cloud support. It makes it simple for public sector organisations including central government, local authorities, law enforcement and the NHS to purchase the solutions we offer.

So what are the main benefits to public sector organisations? 
1) Save costs by using G-Cloud  - Purchasing using the G-Cloud framework via the Digital Marketplace enables organisations to easily search for solutions they are interested in, contact potential suppliers and start working with them in just a matter of days. This provides significant and sustainable cost savings for public sector bodies. For every £1 spent  £1 is saved – or 20-50% cheaper!

2) Easier to buy - It can be overwhelming trying to buy Cloud technology. The sheer volume of offerings and the complexity of the technology, means it can be a time consuming process. With G-Cloud it is possible to buy solutions in no time, compliantly. G-Cloud is one of the few frameworks out there that allows Direct Award. What this means is that if you follow the complete buying process, you do not have to offer any tenders out, no RFIs or ITTs! You’re able to award to the supplier who best meets your needs.

3) G-Cloud is OJEU Compliant -  The G-Cloud framework is an OJEU compliant route to market. Buyers can rest assured that the procurement exercise they are conducting is fully EU compliant. To join the G-Cloud 10 framework Bridgeway has been carefully evaluated during the tender process. The G-Cloud pre-agreed terms and conditions offer customers sound contractual safeguards.

Utilising the G-Cloud framework via the Digital Marketplace enables you to search for, assess and buy Cloud services, software and support more efficiently and effectively than ever before. We are proud to be part of this revolutionary and effective framework. For more details on Bridgeway's current offerings, visit our main G-Cloud page.

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