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Bridge Scholars in the spotlight: Racheal Panda-Noah

Bridge Scholars in the spotlight: Racheal Panda-Noah

Posted by Lisa Higgins 27 March 2019

We meet the delegates who have completed our MobileIron training course here at Bridgeway HQ, in Cambridge.

IT Customer Support Manager Racheal Panda-Noah from south London undertook the Gold and Silver courses in November 2018.

Racheal Panda-Noah headshot


Racheal Panda-Noah


Health Education England

Job Title

IT Customer Support Manager

Brief Career History

I graduated with a degree in foreign languages and was working as a radio production assistant. I quickly realised if I had both language and IT skills, I  would earn more money because at the time there was a lot of demand but not enough supply. I completed a Microsoft certification and worked abroad for a couple of years with Sony and then Eurostar. I moved to IT service delivery with Health Education England (HEE) and after I came back from maternity leave I was offered a role in the infrastructure team. I was offered the IT Customer Support Manager role and have been doing that for about three years.

What brought you to the MobileIron training course today?

HEE are keen on introducing tools to help manage mobile devices. When I first joined we were using Blackberry and then we tried Good, but it didn’t turn out to be so good! Then when we all become one HEE, we were introduced to MobileIron by a staff member in our southern team. Now every device that comes on board is already DEP’d so we are able to use MobileIron with them but the older devices are not DEP as yet but the idea is that we move those into MobileIron over time. I go on the portal and I can look at things and wipe devices but I wanted a deeper understand to learn about policies and configurations. It’s an eye opener to see what else you can do on it.

What are the biggest challenges/pain points in your role?

We are already in the cloud but we do have a number of migrations to do to complete. We have moved all our mail but there are still mail servers that need to be decommissioned. We’ve got to upgrade all our desktops to Windows 10 which is another challenge. It’s trying to piece together all of this so it works in correlation. We’re trying to move away from desktops to laptops and we have all of those to deploy and the costs involved. Then there are the issues with users, we have people moving into the building and we’ve got to set up for that, there's a lot on!

What are you predictions for InfoSec?

It’s changing rapidly, and just when you put your finger on one thing, it can often be replaced by something else in just a few months. For example, we have an asset management type tool we purchased a few years ago and I went to look if they are cloud-based which they are but then I looked at the reseller we purchased it from and they have gone into administration. So you have all that to deal with and then this plethora of tech requirements coming through; whether it is data security or cloud issues, where you store your data in the cloud or on-premise and who manages it all, where do you start with moving into the cloud, etc. I think we need to accept that things are going to change. It's just how quickly people are prepared to change and accept things, and then it all really boils down to finance and budgets.

Are you interested in attending a MobileIron training course? 

Bridgeway are the UK's only official Authorised Training Provider (ATP) for MobileIron. Our training courses will give you the skills and knowledge to be fully proficient in the provision of your organisation's MobileIron solution, helping you to effectively manage and support it straightaway.

We offer three courses: Silver, Gold and Platinum, aligned to the vendor's licensing bundles, and you can attend classes at our training centre in Cambridge, or ask us about delivering on-site courses.

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