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Bridge Scholars in the spotlight: Jide Shobowale

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We meet the delegates who have completed our MobileIron training course here at Bridgeway HQ, in Cambridge.

Jide Shobowale Infrastructure Manager from Dagenham, Essex undertook the Gold and Silver courses in March 2019.

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Jide Shobowale


Health Education England

Job Title

Infrastructure Manager

Brief Career History

I’ve worked in IT for the past 20 years and currently manage a team of eight. I’ve been through all the different changes in the industry and seen how we’ve moved from normal tins and metal computing into cloud computing, with Bring Your Own Device and flexible working practices.

What brought you to the MobileIron training course today?

To learn how MobileIron works so that I can speed up the process of changing policies; users want something done straightaway rather than waiting 24 hours for changes to take affect. I’ve worked with other MDM solutions in the past but MobileIron is what we are currently using.

How have you found the training course?

Sometimes you go on training courses and it takes you ages to get to grips with the content, but this one has been very straightforward. The content has been delivered in a clear manner and at a steady pace. I didn't have to worry about feeling left behind if I was struggling with one section, and I felt comfortable asking questions. 

How will you use MobileIron going forward after the course?

To create new policies for our users. Currently, we only have read only access to the portal, but after the course we will understand the back end and hopefully be able to create policies and make better use of the software.

What are your predictions for your role in the future?

A lot of things I do seem to be pushing to self service. Before we would set up username and a password, set up apps etc. but now it’s being pushed to the user. It’s all part of the changing landscape. In addition, more and more people are working from home.

What are you predictions for InfoSec?

More websites getting hacked and information being dumped on the internet. Every organisation needs to take steps to secure their enterprise information. The amount of data hackers can get hold of is vast. We need to educate users about not clicking on certain links, for example.

Are you interested in attending a MobileIron training course?

Bridgeway are the UK's only official Authorised Training Provider (ATP) for MobileIron. Our training courses will give you the skills and knowledge to be fully proficient in the provision of your organisation's MobileIron solution, helping you to effectively manage and support it straightaway.

We offer three courses: Silver, Gold and Platinum, aligned to the vendor's licensing bundles, and you can attend classes at our training centre in Cambridge, or ask us about delivering on-site courses.

Download the Example Training Guide

Call +44 (0)1223 979 090 or email and secure your place today.

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