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Bridge Scholars in the spotlight: Noel Simmonds

Bridge Scholars in the spotlight: Noel Simmonds

Posted by Lisa Higgins 26 February 2019

We meet the delegates who have completed our MobileIron training course here at Bridgeway HQ, in Cambridge.

Senior ICT Officer Noel Simmonds from Reading undertook the Gold and Silver courses in November 2018.

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Noel Simmonds


Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service

Job Title

Senior ICT Officer

Brief Career History

I was a drum n' bass music producer and travelled the world DJing. I then turned what was a computing hobby into work and moved into IT. I worked at Gatwick Airport for 7 years looking after 5000 terminals. Now music is more of a hobby.

What brought you to the MobileIron training course today?

We kind of backed ourselves into a corner with our old mobile device management solution. Our contract with Blackberry was about to run out and we couldn't renew, only extend. The cost was too high so we quickly moved to MobileIron and I wanted to know more about it as our previous supplier had not been great.

What are the biggest challenges/pain points in your role?

Users. I have to look after a whole virtualisation system and the cloud grade storage that goes with it. The pain points vary with what is going on. We've gone down the Android road so trying to choose what the best device would be for that. I think some people within our organisation think that we can just get one device fit for all which you could do, but it won't last and at some point you're probably going to have to change again. So it's about getting ahead of that game and really getting knowledgable on the devices and the new ones that are going to come out, whether they will be better or worse. Whereas if you've gone down the Apple road you don't seem to have to worry about that as much because they are confining the device for you - they will have made sure that that device works well with their system.

What are your predictions for your role in the future?

Hopefully I'll still have a job! I think I might have less to manage in one sense if we move to cloud but at the moment there is no way we can completely outsource because we've got at least three things that are bespoke to us and strictly fire service.

What are you predictions for InfoSec?

When I first started people would look at you puzzled if you even mentioned a computer, whereas now everyone will have to, and is willing to, embrace the future or they will really fall behind.

What's coming up for your organisation in 2019?

We've got an interesting mobility project coming up that I can't reveal too much about but it's to do with the emergency service radio network that is currently airwave and there are massive changes coming with that, and there is new tech that is going to come along with that. As it stands we still have fire-fighters at stations using alerters from the 1980s, but with this project it's going to involve an app on a mobile device. And that is just the beginning. My motto is to try and make tech assist the firefighters, not get in their way.

Are you interested in attending a MobileIron training course?

Bridgeway are the UK's only official Authorised Training Provider (ATP) for MobileIron. Our training courses will give you the skills and knowledge to be fully proficient in the provision of your organisation's MobileIron solution, helping you to effectively manage and support it straightaway.

We offer three courses: Silver, Gold and Platinum, aligned to the vendor's licensing bundles, and you can attend classes at our training centre in Cambridge, or ask us about delivering on-site courses.

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