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Bridge Scholars in the Spotlight...James McKenzie

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We meet the trainees who have completed MobileIron training course here at Bridgeway HQ.

Infrastructure engineer James McKenzie from Hemel Hempstead undertook the Silver course in October 2018.


James McKenzie


Hemel Hempstead 


Sopra Steria

Job Title

Infrastructure Engineer

Brief Career History

I was originally a desktop engineer, but when I moved into my current company I took a role with another team which exposed me to different emerging technologies, such as MobileIron.

What brought you to the training today?

Bridgeway are coming into our office in three week's time to deploy and configure MobileIron for us. I’m learning the backend of MobileIron and then I will be supporting it once Bridgeway have deployed the console.

How have you found your three-day course?

The training has been really good. Our trainer Scott is very personable and goes into great detail, gives very good analogies and talks from his own personal experience which helps us trainees understand very well. MobileIron seems easy to use, it has a great user interface and some excellent features for support. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it!

What features excite you the most?

The dashboard is really easy to use and I found the log files section interesting because it shows you where your issues are. The console is very easy to read and you can see quickly which device or server is causing a problem, which is hugely appealing from a supporter's point of view.

How do you think the course can help with your professional development?

MobileIron is another tool for me to get my hands on and gain experience in; if I wanted to get another job in the future it’s a great tool to have on my CV.


Image from iOS (8)


What are the predictions for your role in the future?

I think my role is going to continue to be very fluid. In my current position I’m having to learn back up tool Blade Logic at the same time as MobileIron, and I will be supporting that across 8 clients. At the moment my role is very diverse, my main job is SSEM but I am branching off and doing other bits and pieces, so every day is a challenge!

Are you interested in joining a MobileIron training course?

Bridgeway are the UK's only official Authorised Training Provider (ATP) for MobileIron. Our training courses will give you the skills and knowledge to be fully competent in the provision of your organisation's MobileIron solution, helping you to effectively manage and support it straightaway.

Our classes, taught by technical experts, will provide you with hands-on training in installing, configuring, and administering your chosen MobileIron solution. Each of our courses covers the fundamental architecture and functionalities of the MobileIron technology, whilst focusing on specific capabilities aligned to each MobileIron licence bundle. You'll learn how to successfully deploy and manage each of these applications, what provisions they make and what that ultimately means for your organisation in terms of processes and policies.

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the MobileIron architecture
  • Learn how to configure, install and administer your MobileIron solution
  • Create a seamless user experience, reducing support time for your IT organisation

We offer three courses: Silver, Gold and Platinum, aligned to the vendor's licensing bundles, and you can attend classes at our training centre in Cambridge, or ask us about delivering on-site courses.

Call +44 (0)1223 979 090 or email and secure your place today.






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