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Bridge Scholars in the Spotlight...Rob Soulsby

Bridge Scholars in the Spotlight...Rob Soulsby

Posted by Lisa Higgins 15 May 2019

We meet the trainees who have completed our MobileIron training course here at Bridgeway HQ.

Rob Soulsby from Northampton undertook the Gold and Silver courses in November 2018.

Rob from Howdens


Rob Soulsby





Job Title

Config Analyst

Brief Career History

I starting out in IT as broadband support for Talk Talk then went to work for Travis Perkins for two years as configuration analyst before moving to Howdens. I look after end-user devices.

What brought you to the training today?

Currently there is only one person at Howdens who knows MobileIron well, so they needed a second person to become au fait with it.

What are the biggest challenges and pain points in your role?

There isn't enough data to know what people want. For example, we use software to sell kitchens but there is no data on the conversion rates and no one knows how many kitchens sell or doesn't sell because of that software. Another example is with our mobility projects we don't currently know if people use some of the functionality. We can implement things but we don't know how successful it is.

What are your predictions for your role in the future?

I expect that there will be less for us config analysts to do as we continue to automate everything and use software, such as MobileIron. We will put things in place and they will just run so it will be more about overseeing and using our time for more value-add and strategic tasks. 

How do you think organisations can improve their mobility projects?

Create more buy-in from the business so that you don't just have a user individually asking for email for example. It would help to have more of a specific business need that's aligned to IT objectives. There is always more software we could give out to our users but we have to strike a balance between trying to meet the users' needs and company-wide plans.

How do you intend to optimise your use of MobileIron in the future?

To provide IT services for users everywhere.

Any other takeaways from the day, apart from the fish and chips?

It's been really useful to speak to my peers and hear about how they use MobileIron, and I've got new ideas to bring back to my office. Pretty much all of the course content was new to me so it was a bit daunting but the pace of the course has been ideal. The concept is quite complicated, but the fantastic instructors made it interactive, informative and easy to understand. 

Are you interested in joining a MobileIron training course?

Bridgeway are the UK's only official Authorised Training Provider (ATP) for MobileIron. Our training courses will give you the skills and knowledge to be fully competent in the provision of your organisation's MobileIron solution, helping you to effectively manage and support it straightaway.

Our classes, taught by technical experts, will provide you with hands-on training in installing, configuring, and administering your chosen MobileIron solution. Each of our courses covers the fundamental architecture and functionalities of the MobileIron technology, whilst focusing on specific capabilities aligned to each MobileIron licence bundle. You'll learn how to successfully deploy and manage each of these applications, what provisions they make and what that ultimately means for your organisation in terms of processes and policies.

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the MobileIron architecture
  • Learn how to configure, install and administer your MobileIron solution
  • Create a seamless user experience, reducing support time for your IT organisation

We offer three courses: Silver, Gold and Platinum, aligned to the vendor's licensing bundles, and you can attend classes at our training centre in Cambridge, or ask us about delivering on-site courses.

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