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Bridgeway Scholars in the spotlight...Markos Peters

Bridgeway Scholars in the spotlight...Markos Peters

Posted by Lisa Higgins 5 November 2018


We meet the delegates who have completed our MobileIron training course here at Bridgeway HQ, in Cambridge.

Senior Infrastructure Engineer Markos Peters from Palmers Green undertook the Silver course in October 2018.

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Markos Peters


Sopra Steria

Job Title

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Brief Career History

I went straight from university to Sopra Steria and I’ve been there for 14 years now. I went in as a System Administrator for some in-house tools which were developed in Domino for their large project management community. As third party apps came in I moved to desktop management starting with Windows XP, moving to Windows 10, and on the tool side managing the likes of HP Radia, Symantec and Microsoft SCCM. For the past few years a lot of my clients are moving away from on-premise to cloud MDM solutions.

What brought you to the MobileIron training course today?

I look after the management of end user devices and we are already supporting a client that has MobileIron installed, so I wanted to increase my knowledge of the solution and be able to support our customers by becoming an expert in MobileIron. Essentially I wanted to gain the knowledge to be fully competent in implementing and managing MobileIron.

What are the biggest challenges/pain points in your role?

The biggest problem in my role, and my sector, is not the technology but the culture. It’s how to move people away from having an operating system that doesn’t change for four years, to one that could, at worse case, update every six months.

We are fortunate that people are tech savvy in personal areas of their life now; the majority of people are familiar with installing apps on their phones and tablets, backing up photos to iCloud or One Drive, auto-configuring new devices and accessing cloud subscriptions like Netflix on a daily basis but why isn't it like that in the business world? It should be and we need to bridge the gap between consumers and business in that respect.

How are you challenging these attitudes in your role?

Lately I have been asking clients to think about the fact that we have moved away from change culture into a release culture. It’s not how you’re changing, when you’re changing etc. it's the new frame of mind of, 'there’s going to be a service and here is what you need to know about this release.'

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What are your predictions for your role in the future?

The introduction of newer technology, be it augmented reality or virtual reality, will continue to keep everyone on their toes. I try and keep up to date with emerging tech as much as I can on a monthly basis. Even with the road maps for certain solutions, vendors talk about new updates each month and then the month comes, and the road maps have changed route. I’m always prepared and anticipating the goal posts moving.

What are you predictions for InfoSec?

Tech runs light years ahead and consumers follow closely behind but the industry is stuck in the dark ages. All of a sudden there is a steep curve where businesses are trying to catch up but it doesn’t fit with their old fashioned processes. There are people who have hundreds of applications they have bought that work with Windows XP 32-bit, for example, and now they’re moving to Windows 10 64-bit architecture and it doesn’t stack up. These next few years are going to be hard for a lot of people. I’d like to think things will get easier but I think that something new will always come up!

How can organisations improve their mobility projects?

Mobility is not mature yet; it changes all the time. We’re in a model which has very little maturity so how do you marry that up with what an end user wants, what an end user expects, what you can deliver and what is coming around the corner? You must accept that you are never going to have a perfect service and it’s going to be a best fit. If there is something that you want and it's not available, that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be available next month or somewhere down the line. It's better to have an evolving requirements list rather than a 'now or never' expectation.

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