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Bridging the communication gap between patients and families

Bridging the communication gap between patients and families

Posted by Tom Hill 6 May 2020

As our Phones for Patients initiative ramps up to thousands of donated and deployed devices, we are often asked how can we deploy so many devices so quickly and securely?  Partnering with MobileIron has been crucial to this campaign. We had a quick catch up with Scott Flower, one of our Technical Consultant's about why MobileIron's involvement has been so beneficial.

“Our Phones for Patients initiative is using MobileIron to help deploy and manage these devices in a secure and consistent manner.  That then allows the receiving organisation to distribute them out to patients and residents with minimal effort. Using the MobileIron platform allows these devices to be secured, have networks configured, wallpaper deployed, and so on.

It also allows controls to be put in place to ensure the devices do not become accidentally misconfigured by a user, which would add to the workload of the already busy support staff. MobileIron further allows us to deploy a defined set of apps for communications, news, wellbeing, social media, and entertainment.

Scott continued "Probably the most important element of the MobileIron platform that we are utilising though is the multi-user functionality, this allows a device to be transferred from one user to another without the risk of personal data and accounts being exposed. The next user simply receives a clean device ready for them to use.”

David Critchley, Regional Director for UK and Ireland at MobileIron, has also expressed his support for the initiative, “We at MobileIron couldn’t be more impressed with what Bridgeway are doing with their Phones for Patients initiative. We are delighted to align our own Covid-19 efforts with those of our strategic Iron Partner in delivering refurbished equipment to those who need it most, and communicating with their loved ones at this difficult time.”

If you are interested in helping our cause, please head to our website  to donate any spare devices:

Alternatively, if you would like to help us purchase devices to ensure these patients stay in touch with their loved ones, please follow the link below to our Just Giving page to make a donation:

Thank you!