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Disaster averted? How To Keep Things

Disaster averted? How To Keep Things "Business As Usual" When Your Email Goes Down

Posted by Lisa Higgins 7 February 2019

Despite all the new ways to share and receive, email remains the tool of choice for most business communication. From sending important documents to day to day collaboration and always on, anywhere access, email is central to productivity. So if your email system goes down, due to a planned outage or service migration, it can potentially cost millions in lost productivity, revenues and reputational damage. Not to mention leaving users frustrated.

Whether your email system is hosted on-premises or in the cloud, it can go down due to a breach, human error or technical failure. As a business you need to be prepared to quickly and seamlessly switch to an available service. Implementing a separate, always-on solution can allow your employees to continue to work and access everyday tools, like Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 or G-Suite by Google Cloud, without disruption. Utilising multiple access systems through the web and mobile apps means you can continue to deliver email to end users.


A solution such as Mimecast Continuity is managed from a single web console where administrators remain in control during a downtime event while maintaining all inbound and outbound security policies. Mimecast goes beyond just spooling email, with an Outlook plug-in that gives users uninterrupted access to live and historical email as well as calendar and contacts, to ensure employees keep working during downtime events. Web and mobile applications means downtime doesn’t impact users whether they are in the office or working remote - in fact it's so seamless they may not even notice.

What's more, Mimecast offers a cost-effective solution. All email passes through a secure cloud service and is proactively monitored and detects disruptions for on-premises and hybrid or cloud services. It then gives rapid, direct access to the Mimecast platform so users can continue using email as normal. Administrators can easily activate this cloud-based continuity service when they experience an outage or if they just want to keep users online and productive during essential maintenance or migration to cloud email services like Office 365.

In short, email holds huge volumes of confidential and vital information and data, so having robust yet flexible tools in place is a must to keep your employees productive and happy. 

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