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MobileIron Explained: A Guide to Understanding the Licensing Models and Features

MobileIron Explained: A Guide to Understanding the Licensing Models and Features

Posted by Jason Holloway 15 March 2018

Looking at MobileIron for the first time? In this helpful guide we offer clarification on the different licensing models available and their features.

It is a familiar story: the IT department has recommended a technical solution based on their knowledge or external advice and they require your sign-off for purchase. The solution is new to you, however, making your challenge around understanding what features it offers, how much it costs, and more often than not, which model or bundle you require.

In this instance, that technical solution is MobileIron. Before taking out a subscription for the first time you may well find yourself needing to gain a clearer understanding of the licensing models available, their capabilities, and how they differ from one another.

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What are the different MobileIron licensing models available?

MobileIron offers a choice of three feature bundles to ensure that your licensing needs are met cost-effectively and according to the functionality your mobility project demands: MobileIron EMM Silver Bundle, Gold Bundle, and Platinum Bundle.

Each bundle offers a range of features designed to securely and cost-effectively enable your mobility project. Note that feature bundles can always be upgraded later, as the needs of your organisation change.

So what features does each bundle include, and what are their capabilities?

1. Silver Bundle features

The MobileIron EMM Silver Bundle feature list includes Apps@Work, the enterprise app store, as well as licences for deploying Sentry (gateway) servers for securing access to email services.  For those looking at on-premises deployment, this bundle also includes the licences for Core servers.

By integrating with backend enterprise IT systems, MobileIron Core servers enable IT to define security and management policies for the mobile devices, desktops, apps and content. In cloud deployments, the MobileIron Cloud service delivers the same role.

The MobileIron Sentry server addresses the fundamental need for mobile remote secure access to corporate services, by acting as a gateway that manages, encrypts, and secures traffic between backend enterprise systems and mobile devices.

Businesses with a MobileIron EMM Silver Bundle also benefit from Apps@Work, an application distribution library that IT can use to publish approved mobile apps to end-users, reducing the prevalence of shadow IT and associated risks.  This also provides a method for managing in-house or third-party developed enterprise apps not available through public app stores.

2. Gold Bundle features

In addition to the Silver Bundle features, MobileIron EMM Gold Bundle offers access to mobile app and content access features, such as AppConnect, Email+, Docs@Work, and Web@Work.

MobileIron AppConnect improves app security by the containerisation of apps to protect data-at-rest. In effect, each app becomes a secure enclave whose data is encrypted, protected from unauthorised access, and under corporate control.  AppConnect also delivers Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features such as control over app-to-app data exchange, through copy-and-paste, Open-In and even screenshot controls.

Businesses seeking a secure mobile productivity solution across iOS and Android will find added value in MobileIron Email+, which enables secure access to email, contacts, calendar, and tasks in a containerised app.

The MobileIron Docs@Work app provides a fast and simple way for staff to access, annotate, share, and view documents across a variety of content management systems.

Similarly, the MobileIron Web@Work enterprise secure mobile browser facilitates secured access to internal web resources using familiar processes and with minimal setup.

MobileIron Email+, Docs@Work and Web@Work are all AppConnect enabled on supported platforms, e.g. Android and iOS.


Save money and reduce costs to your business by getting the right  MobileIron licensing configuration. Download your free guide now

3. Platinum Bundle features

Building on all the features offered across the Silver and Gold licences, the MobileIron EMM Platinum Bundle promotes business and IT transformation through the addition of the Tunnel, Monitor, and ServiceConnect features.

MobileIron Tunnel grants users immediate and secure access to data and content on the go. Specifically, IT can provide zero-touch, Per-App-VPN connectivity to specific and specified resources behind the corporate firewall, enabling mobile employees to access key business information easily and without jumping through security hurdles.

MobileIron Monitor operates to proactively notify administrators of potential issues in the MobileIron Core infrastructure, improving the performance management and overall health of all business-critical MobileIron EMM components and features.

ServiceConnect enables you to integrate MobileIron software with specific third-party products, serving to provide the business-wide mobility and security required to drive business transformation.

MobileIron explained: Your next steps

Once you have identified which feature bundle is best suited to your organisation’s requirements, the next step is to think about your choice of per user or per device pricing, as well as a choice of perpetual or subscription models.

Licences can be purchased on a per device or on a per user basis. A device licence covers just a single device, but a user licence covers up to a maximum of three devices. Whichever you choose, licenses are available to suit either capital expenditure (perpetual licences) or operational expenditure (subscription licences) budget types.

If you are unsure as to which bundle or deployment choice is best for your needs, you are always welcome to contact us for some free and impartial advice.

Note that depending on whether you choose on-premises or cloud deployment, some of these options may or may not be available for your mobility project.

For more information we recommend you download the MobileIron Licensing Guide by clicking the image below.

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