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The Perimeter Is Broken: MobileIron LIVE! 2019

The Perimeter Is Broken: MobileIron LIVE! 2019

Posted by Lisa Higgins 23 May 2019

The perimeter is broken and mobile is dictating the way we both live and work. At MobileIron Live! 2019, that took place last week, over 500 professionals from the info sec industry came together at the Motorwerk centre in Berlin to hear about this new approach. 

The biggest mobile event in Europe, MobileIron released their strongest message to date: a mobile-centre zero trust approach that will eliminate passwords for any device.


The company's goal is to enable organisations to have quicker access to their enterprise services and data than ever before, via a new digital model of identification. It will be built on its unified endpoint management (UEM) platform and powered by MobileIron Access.

The concept around zero trust is just that, never trust but always verify.

The MobileIron platform will utilise comprehensive attribute sets before granting users access and also lets mobile devices serve as ID granting secure access to your enterprise network, bringing stronger identity authentication and robust security.

Passwords will be a thing of the past and instead replaced with mobile biometrics and QR codes. The service promises to reduce operational support costs and improve the user-experience - a win all round. The solution also incorporates multi-factor authentication and mobile threat defence capabilities.

MobileIron CEO Simon Biddiscombe said:. “Mobile is the centre of our universe, both personally and professionally. With that comes a need for a mobile-centric enterprise-grade security solution. We are eliminating passwords for any device, whether managed or unmanaged, because we think single sign-on is one sign-on too many.”

This news is pleasing for all. With so many passwords to think about, mentally record and feel anxious over, I definitely carry a certain level of password-anxiety around with me. The National Cyber Security Centre revealed the world's most hackable passwords last month, showing that we aren't as creative as we think we are, or perhaps we are just tired of having to create 90 different passwords, on average, just to live in the modern world.

For a CIO this is revolutionary in terms of transforming your business securely and efficiently. Bridgeway's Managing Director, Jason Holloway says: "The challenge today is that the traditional physical, network, device and application security perimeters have all but dissolved. Our users are mobile, accessing corporate data from multiple devices across multiple networks and using multiple apps. Some - perhaps many, or even all! - of these may not even be under our control or supervision.

"So a zero-trust model is essential for a modern working environment, allowing service delivery to the users in a flexible, yet secure manner. It provides us with a way to execute a digital transformation agenda (and hence deliver strategic business benefits) without compromising on security."

He cites the younger generation who keep "pushing for flexible working environments and new systems - millennials entering the workforce are demanding modern working methods and systems. The success of these in other places forces the hands of their competitors and soon enough everyone is doing it. That's how Slack, Salesforce, Skype and similar came into the workforce. And now the same with WhatsApp."

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