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Only 4% of Enterprise Mobile Devices Are Patched Against Meltdown

Only 4% of Enterprise Mobile Devices Are Patched Against Meltdown

Posted by Jason Holloway 16 January 2018

Mobile devices, although equally at risk as traditional PCs and servers, may not have been top of your organisation's priority patch list, but with increasing amounts of sensitive corporate data being stored and accessed from these devices, they should be.

Our latest analysis of corporate-owned and managed mobile devices shows that mobile security has taken a back seat to the more traditional PC and server security concerns.  Yet, these mobile devices increasingly hold and access large amounts of sensitive corporate data and require similar security processes.

Our research shows that just 4% of enterprise mobile devices are currently patched against theMeltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities which were revealed two weeks ago.

Meltdown Mobile Device Patch StatusThe research is based on the latest analysis of over 100,000 corporate owned and managed mobile phones and tablets across UK private, public and third-sector organisations. Our research found that a minimum of 72% of devices are still exposed to these critical vulnerabilities, with a further 24% also likely to be vulnerable and currently impossible to patch due to the age of the device.

These older mobile devices are typically running obsolete versions of operating systems, e.g. older than Android version 6.0 (Marshmallow), which may never be patched by vendors and mobile network operators. This is because these OS versions and devices are unsupported by their hardware and OS manufacturers and in these cases, the only option remaining for the organisation will be to replace the devices with new.

Please find the full press release here.

The research analysis is based on anonymised and aggregated data from IronWorks, our trend analysis and compliance dashboard and automated reporting system for MobileIron.

Curious as to what your own organisation's stats are?  Request an IronWorks trial and find out!

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