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Optimal Mobileiron Licensing

Optimal Mobileiron Licensing

Posted by Louisa Mackintosh 28 August 2018

You may be aware that MobileIron introduced 'per user' licensing a couple of years ago. This is a surprisingly powerful way to achieve substantial cost savings for your mobility project, as each user licence can cover up to three assigned devices, yet each user licences costs roughly only 50% more than an equivalent single device licence cost. 


IronWorks licensing video 

In other words, for any users with two devices, this delivers a 25% cost saving compared to purchasing device licences. For users with three devices, this delivers a 50% cost saving!

The challenge is in working out which users have multiple devices and whether your current licence allocation is optimised for your needs and mobile fleet. This is where IronWorks can prove itself to be of measurable financial value - helping organisations report on and optimise their MobileIron licensing requirements. 

IronWorks brochure mobility project