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Leading the way for UEM & MTD: Bridgeway partners are featured in CRN top 30

Leading the way for UEM & MTD: Bridgeway partners are featured in CRN top 30

Posted by Lisa Higgins 21 June 2019

At Bridgeway, the solutions that we provide involve collaboration from a series of partner vendors, and these are reviewed regularly to ensure they are fit for purpose and suitable for our customers' long term strategies.

With emerging technologies we recognise that there will be some initial concerns about whether a solution will be right for your business in 3, 5 or even 10 years. So we are so pleased to see many of our chosen solution partners are still recognised globally as market leaders and still provide enterprise class solutions at an affordable rate to organisations.


In CRN's recent article 30 Coolest Mobile Device Management And Security Companies: 2019 Mobility 100 they have “rounded up the leading security vendors focused on mobile threats to businesses, along with the top providers of mobile device management solutions.” Bridgeway are very proud to recognise many of our chosen and carefully selected partners are listed.

Mobile Threat Defence

We offer technologies to secure businesses against a wide variety of mobile threats including app, device and network-based threats. One of our Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) solutions currently monitors 170 million devices and 70 million apps to build the intelligence to protect this next big risk vector.


UEM Zero Trust

Our chosen solution offers Enterprise Unified Endpoint Management, iOS, Android, macOS and windows 10 endpoints, and "the industry’s first mobile-centric, zero trust platform”. Enhancements including mobile application management for unmanaged devices and mobile threat detection built in to the existing client. image

The Bridge Way

Bridgeway are working more and more with organisations who see mobile as part of their business transformation strategy, utilising BYOD, COPE, and highly secured work on devices all of which are accessing corporate data over public wifi and hotspots. These organisations wish to ensure they have robust data security and the ability to verify, audit and report on their security postures. And in the case of cyber attacks, the data must of course remain secure.

We are very proud to work with organisations that are forward thinking and allow us to provide solutions to resolve business transformation issues. By selecting best of breed solutions, we enhance their business strategy, improve end-user adoption and performance whilst ensuring security and agility. 

Our technical director Paul Jacka says: "We always aim to be a strategic partner in all engagements, thus ensuring our best resources and solutions are aligned with the customers own resources to ensure we are moving forward together. The result we want is a long-term, well performing business partnership, leverage the best solutions and providing maximum value."

To speak to one of our experts on UEM and Mobile Threat Defence get in touch via our Live Chat, call 01223 979 090 or email