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Renewing Your MobileIron Licence? Here’s 6 Ways to Save Money and Reduce Costs

Renewing Your MobileIron Licence? Here’s 6 Ways to Save Money and Reduce Costs

Posted by Jason Holloway 9 March 2018

Your existing MobileIron licence could well be costing you significantly more than it needs to. Discover how to save your business money when renewing.

One question is almost certainly front of mind as your MobileIron licence renewal date approaches: how can you reduce costs while adding value to your subscription?

If cost is indeed front of mind right now, you may well be knee-deep in comparative quotes. But what if there was a smarter way to reduce the cost of your licence?

With a proven pedigree in saving MobileIron customers money, we are excellently placed to offer the following top tips for reducing costs when renewing your licence:

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How to save money and reduce MobileIron licensing costs

Feature bundles upgrades are one-way (i.e. you cannot downgrade during the licence period), so purchase at the appropriate level for your needs and upgrade when you need to. Licence upgrades are typically priced at the delta between licence types, so there’s no penalty in delaying the upgrade until it is needed.

  1. If you are planning to remain an on-premises customer for two or more years, consider purchasing perpetual licences with an  annual maintenance. This should save money in the third year and beyond when compared with annual subscription licences. Note: only applicable to on-premises deployments and not available with MobileIron Cloud services.

  2. Subscription licences expire at the end of their term, so if your project is smaller than anticipated, you may downsize your feature bundle, and even your licence quantity, at the renewal stage.

  3. For on-premises MobileIron customers, consider mixing your licence types (e.g. user vs device, or Silver, Gold and Platinum Bundle licences) to cover your project needs more cost-effectively.

  4. If you have power users with multiple devices each, enquire into user licences. Typically these retail for 150% the cost of device licences, so would save money compared to purchasing the alternative of two (200%) or even three (300%) device licences.

  5. We recognise that calculating user versus device splits can be complex and laborious, which is why we developed IronWorks, which automatically calculates the most cost-effective licence split for your MobileIron estate. (Find out more about IronWorks.)

Businesses willing to restructure what it is they are asking for, or better manage what they actually need, could add tangible value to their MobileIron licence. By restructuring your licence to better meet your company’s requirements, you may be able to save up to 30 percent on the annual cost of your subscription.

If you would like more guidance around restructuring your licence and saving money, get in touch for an impartial conversation, or download our free MobileIron Licensing Guide for further advice.

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