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Securing YOUR cloud?

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What do BBC Online, Facebook, Netflix, Alexa, Office 365, Google Docs, HubSpot, Twitter, Dropbox, Linked In, Salesforce and WhatsApp have in common?




They all run on cloud-based services.

You may be surprised by this, but cloud is here and it's already in our daily lives and our organisations - more than you might think. Many businesses are already using existing services in the cloud every day. This type of engagement with the cloud is called SaaS (Software As A Service). At Bridgeway we like to call this consuming cloud, ie. you’re consuming other businesses’ services. But if you’ve making your own services, software and applications and pushing them into somebody else’s infrastructure this is the creation level of engagement with cloud.

Are you consuming or creating? Or a combination of the two? And more importantly, what’s your cloud strategy?

Some business owners say, “no, no we don’t want people to access the cloud”, before telling us that they use Office365 - a cloud service. They then insist, “yes but we just get the licenses for the physical machines and that’s it - we don’t do cloud.” But if your users have their own user name and password, they can use Office 365 online and the cloud-based offerings such as One Drive, without you even knowing. Cloud is the present and the future, so it's time to get on top of the game. 



But how can you create a cloud strategy for your business?

First you need to figure out what your current cloud status actually is, i.e. what cloud services are being used by your users, how are those services stitched together and - crucially - how secure they are. You also need to consider which type of cloud your business is engaging with; are you currently consuming (SaaS) or creating your own services, software and applications that you’ve put out into somebody else’s infrastructure? And finally, what would you like to achieve?

At Bridgeway our team of IT experts can help assess your current status and create or refine your cloud strategy. Get in touch and we can offer a free cloud readiness assessment. Here we can assess your on-premise service and pinpoint the areas that need resolution before the business can safely move to cloud. Or we can look at a hybrid option where we assess your security posture in the cloud you already use.

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