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Posted by Louisa Mackintosh 20 January 2020

We meet the trainees who have completed MobileIron training course here at Bridgeway HQ.

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Posted by Louisa Mackintosh 16 January 2020

All organisations are targets for cyber attacks. But law firms are being targeted more and more by criminals. Why is this?

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Posted by Lisa Higgins 9 September 2019

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Posted by Lisa Higgins 4 September 2019

We caught up with CISO of Domino's Pizza UK & Ireland, Paul Watts. Paul has over 16 years IT leadership. Before moving to Domino's in 2018, Paul worked in the banking and finance, manufacturing, retail and telecommunications sectors, both in the UK & Europe. In 2017 he was named as one of the top 100 global CISOs by HotTopics.

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Posted by Lisa Higgins 29 August 2019

We are pleased to see that CIO UK have recognised emerging technology as key to building a winning technology team in today's tricky Infosec climate.

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Posted by Lisa Higgins 8 August 2019

Mobile is the way forward. 5G is a potential threat to your corporate Wi-Fi. Microsoft Exchange is forcing a move to the cloud, and cybercriminals are getting more and more advanced. What can you do to keep afloat amidst this sea of change in Infosec?

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Posted by Lisa Higgins 25 July 2019

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Posted by Lisa Higgins 11 July 2019

Lord Darzi made a call this week for the NHS to make drastic improvements in cyber security.

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Posted by Lisa Higgins 8 April 2019

The world of emerging tech is complex and often daunting. We can quickly get used to shutting ourselves away, confined within our own working environment and left to deal with all the various struggles and challenges that arise by ourselves - or if you’re lucky enough, with a supportive team. That’s why at Bridgeway we host our Cloud & Mobile Security Forum events, because we hear how valuable it is for IT professionals to come together outside the office with peers and share their challenges, issues and ways to overcome them. 

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