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Posted by Lisa Higgins 22 August 2019

It was revealed recently that Google block roughly 100 million phishing attacks on Gmail users every day. The types of phishing scams fall into three main categories: highly targeted but low-volume spear phishing aimed at distinct individuals, “boutique phishing” that targets only a few dozen people, and automated bulk phishing directed at thousands or hundreds of thousands of people.

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Posted by Lisa Higgins 22 May 2019

You know the drill. An email pops into your account from “HMRC”, your bank, Amazon’s “CustomerCare” or another familiar company. The sender format is identical to something you would associate with such recognisable organisations, but you smell a rat. Yep, it’s another phishing scam waiting for you to take their bait and click on a link. Report, delete and you’ve dodged another bullet from the murky world of cyberattacks.

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Posted by Lisa Higgins 5 April 2019

The results from this week’s university hacking test are shocking - but things are only going to get worse. Cybercrime is not going away, in fact it is growing in scale despite organisations efforts to prevent it. So what can we do about it?

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Posted by Lisa Higgins 27 March 2019

As high-grade security evolves to combat increasingly complex threats, why are basic attacks still enormously successful?

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Posted by Lisa Higgins 7 March 2019

It has never been more vital for public sector organisations to safeguard personal data against unprecedented cyber threats. Risks from cyberattacks, with email being the main attack vector, have the potential to cripple services and affect day-to-day functioning of public administration at all levels.

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Posted by Lisa Higgins 12 February 2019

Consider all of your business data. Every email, instant message, document, image, video, article, spreadsheet... It’s a larger collection than you think and these days, in the highly regulated world of business, organisations need to account for and store their data for long periods of time.

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Posted by Lisa Higgins 7 February 2019

Despite all the new ways to share and receive, email remains the tool of choice for most business communication. From sending important documents to day to day collaboration and always on, anywhere access, email is central to productivity. So if your email system goes down, due to a planned outage or service migration, it can potentially cost millions in lost productivity, revenues and reputational damage. Not to mention leaving users frustrated.

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