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Posted by Jason Holloway 26 April 2021

Looking at Ivanti MobileIron for the first time? In this helpful guide, we offer clarification on the different licensing models available and their features.

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Posted by Louisa Mackintosh 16 April 2020

No visitors means little or no contact with your loved ones. That's the problem facing many patients in hospitals and care homes right now.

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Posted by Lisa Higgins 8 August 2019

Mobile is the way forward. 5G is a potential threat to your corporate Wi-Fi. Microsoft Exchange is forcing a move to the cloud, and cybercriminals are getting more and more advanced. What can you do to keep afloat amidst this sea of change in Infosec?

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Posted by Lisa Higgins 8 April 2019

The world of emerging tech is complex and often daunting. We can quickly get used to shutting ourselves away, confined within our own working environment and left to deal with all the various struggles and challenges that arise by ourselves - or if you’re lucky enough, with a supportive team. That’s why at Bridgeway we host our Cloud & Mobile Security Forum events, because we hear how valuable it is for IT professionals to come together outside the office with peers and share their challenges, issues and ways to overcome them. 

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Posted by Lisa Higgins 24 October 2018

During this current decade we have gone from $37bn to over $96bn worth of annual information security spending, yet by whatever metric you want to use - the number of data breaches or the number of viruses for example - the picture is rather bleak. We’re spending more money but we’re getting more security breaches, so something isn’t working. The focus needs to shift; Mobile First or Cloud First is all well and good, but what about the user?

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Posted by Louisa Mackintosh 23 July 2018

Often we can overlook the need for the right level of skills to successfully administer our EMM software on an ongoing basis. Being trained on your EMM or MDM solution is crucial when dealing with new technology, so that your leading-edge technology stays that way and doesn’t become a bleeding-edge project instead. It will give you the required knowledge needed to install, configure, deploy and manage the solution effectively, but it can also have wide reaching opportunity gains throughout the business.

Once you find an Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution that can manage your mobile estate, secure and manage your endpoints and cloud services, can you just sit back and relax? The answer is probably no.  

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Posted by Jason Holloway 24 April 2018

Corporate buy-in for large-scale enterprise mobility projects is often much easier to achieve than for behind-the-scenes infrastructure upgrades. A mobile-enabled workforce brings tangible business benefits in the form of cost savings and increased productivity, regardless of industry sector.

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Posted by Louisa Mackintosh 10 April 2018

As mobility projects become more strategic, many Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) customers are turning to cloud-first strategies to improve their services and reduce the risk from network or server outages.

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Posted by Jason Holloway 9 March 2018

Your existing MobileIron licence could well be costing you significantly more than it needs to. Discover how to save your business money when renewing.

One question is almost certainly front of mind as your MobileIron licence renewal date approaches: how can you reduce costs while adding value to your subscription?

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Posted by Louisa Mackintosh 29 January 2018

Moving a mobility project from a purely tactical deployment to a strategic one is a big challenge faced by today’s IT project managers. Tactics are one thing, but translating these into an actionable Mobile IT strategy that achieves the project goals is another.

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