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The new reality in the Information Security buying marketplace

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Mobile is the way forward. 5G is a potential threat to your corporate Wi-Fi. Microsoft Exchange is forcing a move to the cloud, and cybercriminals are getting more and more advanced. What can you do to keep afloat amidst this sea of change in Infosec?

Let's consider one of the most popular business communication tools at the moment - Slack. The US cloud-based service was born into a marketplace that had existed for a long time but founder Stewart Butterfield did something different by focusing on the mobile user experience. The success of Slack is down to the simple idea of bringing the exact same experience of enterprise communication on a laptop/desktop to mobile devices. The company is 10 years old and today they have over 10 million active users on mobile. It’s a very interesting story of growth and the penetration one can have in, and as a result, of mobile.


There is another transformation where we are seeing mobile lead the way over desktop/laptop - 5G. The evolution to 5G is well on its way and the reality is that it is faster and more reliable than the Wi-Fi infrastructure that we are all so used to connecting to. Organisations have invested heavily in building Wi-Fi infrastructure to replace all the ethernet plugs inside their offices, but now 5G is in town, we might have to think again. Sorry for the bad news, but consider this - if 5G is faster and more reliable than your Wi-Fi - which do you think your users are going to connect to? 5G brings new risks to your corporate data if your users are usurping your secure Wi-Fi and performing activities and tasks associated with enterprise information and data on an unsecured cellular network.

The other big change we are seeing is to do with cloud adoption. Organisations are adopting cloud technologies at an exponential rate and for those that aren't, the sobering state of affairs is that nobody is producing software for 'on-premise, in your data centre, run at operations', anymore. If you look at Microsoft's Exchange email platform, the last update to Exchange on-prem was in 2016. What are you going to do when you no longer can apply technology? The long and short of it is, your organisation is going to have to transition to the cloud whether you want it to or not.


And then there's the increase of security breaches all the time despite the amount of money organisations are throwing at technologies. But while we may be able to provide security technologies that lock down the environment if a malicious actor is at work, the user experience may be very poor. Organisations must also focus on agility and usability when deploying new tech solutions. But how can you improve your user experience while at the same time moving at the speed of business and in a secure fashion? 

With all of this new reality in the marketplace an entire new paradigm shift needs to occur as it relates to security and the way it is managed in an organisation. The perimeter is broken and a mobile-centric, cyber resilient approach is the only way to survive.

For more discussion and insights on the latest thinking around mobile and cloud come to our free Mobile & Cloud Security Forums where will will discuss challenges such as:

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  • Securing critical apps and services in the cloud whilst keeping end-users happy and productive
  • Addressing the IT skills gap that comes with the use of emerging technologies 
  • 5G implications for corporate WIFI

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