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The Secure Collaboration Solution You've Been Looking For

The Secure Collaboration Solution You've Been Looking For

Posted by Louisa Mackintosh 6 September 2018

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Have you noticed the growing trend of employees using their own personal file sharing accounts and apps to share and collaborate on corporate projects?

Your colleagues are doing this because it’s easier/quicker/more convenient than using the more conventional processes approved by your business, but from a security standpoint, it raises huge red flags around the safety of your data.

The risk of insider threats aside, today’s businesses are built on the back of collaboration, and yours is no exception. Collaborating with internal and external teams is a vital part of business, which means you need to source the technologies that gives your workforce access to safe, secure collaboration.

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Why your company’s future is a collaborative one

You’re not alone. A 2013 Avanade survey found that ‘77% of decision makers are using such technologies, and 82% of businesses that use collaboration tools want to use even more in the future’.

They’re doing this because companies need their workforces to perform smarter, faster and more productively. We recently wrote about how smart construction technology is reshaping site management to achieve exactly this.

I’m sure you want to see that the content your users are accessing and sharing is readily available but also secure.

Achieving this requires embedding collaborative technologies into your processes and incentivising collaborative behaviors, ultimately transforming the way your business operates on a daily basis for the better. Secure collaboration solutions should do more than help your employees talk about their work; they should create new ways for them to do their work.

What to look for when choosing secure collaboration software

When you’re ready to start looking for a collaboration platform, I’d suggest you look for one where there are strong encryption and security controls. That way you’ll meet IT governance measures in addition to becoming ISO and SOC compliant.

Also, I’d recommend you look for a solution that has controls such as cipher encryption, single sign-on, and two-step verification, which will each add powerful layers of protection.

Oh, and finally, we tend to advise our customers to choose a solution where you can remote wipe a device if lost or stolen to secure that data.

A secure collaboration solution in Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business enables you to collaborate in real time with all the required parties on a project. Traditionally, data can get siloed or lost in email threads and folders, and feedback can be sluggish without immediate delivery. The typical resistance to sharing highly sensitive, proprietary information can be overcome with flexible and secure sharing and management settings in the Dropbox for Business platform.

I hope this information is useful. Here at Bridgeway, we believe that seamless collaboration whilst keeping corporate data secure is a realistic and achievable goal. We’ve implemented it many times for our customers and are seeing countless other organisations achieving it too.

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