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What are your Biggest Mobile IT Challenges?

What are your Biggest Mobile IT Challenges?

Posted by Louisa Mackintosh 17 July 2018

What's the biggest challenge you currently face in your mobility project?

  • How to increase productivity whilst remaining secure?
  • User resistance to acceptance of new devices, technologies and associated policies?

At Bridgeway's Mobile IT User Forum held in London last week, we discussed these challenges along with many more organisations currently seem to be facing.

With more and more employees becoming mobile in their every day work, organisations can struggle to know where their data is, who has access to this data as well as creating secure authentication processes. Here at Bridgeway, we strongly believe that intrusive security not only restricts productivity, but also it can increase the chances of shadow IT - potentially opening you up to the risk of an attack even more.  Security and a great user experience don't need to be mutually exclusive: we believe you can enhance productivity without increasing risk. 

What we need to focus on is making security easier for the everyday user.

We work with many organisations who perceive their users to be a BIG problem, refusing to accept new products, policies and processes. We would suggest though, that they're not being deliberately difficult. They just want to get access to "their stuff" easily to get on with their job. They don’t want to have to remember a 12 character, complicated password that they have to change every two months, so no surprises if they write it down. As my colleague Paul O'Sullivan wrote in his recent blog post Users aren't the problem - they're part of the problem, “better a 90% effective security solution that is fully embraced by your users, than a 100% effective solution that is subverted.” And that is the key put your users first and the rest will follow. 

Come along to our next Mobile IT User Forum in Bristol on the 10th October and discuss how you balance security vs. user productivity, we'd love to hear your views.