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What to expect at Apple's announcement

What to expect at Apple's announcement

Posted by Lisa Higgins 9 September 2019

And what else can you tell me about my shiny new iPhone? 

The iPhone 11 rumoured to be unravelled tomorrow is expected to arrive with exciting new features such as a redesigned three lens rear camera, improved battery life, shatter-resistance technology, wireless charging and new colours.


How to watch Tim Cook’s keynote live online

Apple chief executive Tim Cook will appear on stage at the event live at the tech giant's Silicon Valley HQ. Here’s how to watch the livestream:

Mac or Windows computers

Using your desktop computer, head to Apple’s Events page. Apple now lets anyone using its web browser Safari, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to watch the live video of the announcement.

iPhones and iPads

To watch the Apple event from your iPhone or iPad, head to the Apple Events page in your web browser.