Protect your critical assets with unparalleled visibility and segmentation agility with ColorTokens Xtended Trust Platform.


ColorTokens. Protect your business with cybersecurity that knows no boundries.


Protect your critical assets with unparalleled visibility and segmentation agility with ColorTokens Xtended Trust Platform.

  • Prevent Data Breaches
  • Defend Against Cyber Threats
  • Simplify Compliance

With everything moving to the cloud, the idea of perimeter-based security is outdated. A Zero Trust security model includes end-to-end visibility that goes beyond traditional boundaries.

Built from the ground up for Zero Trust, the ColorTokens cloud-delivered platform offers a new generation of proactive security that simplifies and streamlines protection and compliance for cloud workloads, applications and endpoints.

ColorTokens Xtended Zero Trust Platform encompasses:

Visibility – According to Forrester, more than 80% of Data Centre and Cloud Traffic is East West (internal traffic). However, most organisations only monitor around 10% of this traffic. ColorTokens enables you to solve this problem.

Micro-Segmentation and Cloud Work-Load Protection – Gartner state, “Budget and pilot two Zero Trust networking projects – micro-segmentation and a software defined perimeter to significantly improve the security posture of the organisation”. Forrester state “We have to recognise that using micro-segmentation/micro-perimeter technology is a must for any organisation seeking the benefits of a Zero Trust strategy.” ColorTokens are a proven micro-segmentation market leader, winning awards for their excellence.

End Point Protection – ColorTokens provide an extra layer of security beyond standard end point security approaches (AV and EDR) by controlling end point application processes. They prevent unauthorised application processes from launching (e.g. malware and ransomware). Rather than focussing on finding all bad actors and all bad actions (AV/EDR), they deliver signatureless prevention.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZNTA) – Since COVID-19 arrived, many organisations have enabled around 90% of their employees to work from home through VPN. ColorTokens ensure VPN users access is restricted to the required application only, but also enforces granular role-based access controls, greatly reducing the attack surface and supporting Zero Trust security principles.


For more expert opinions on Zero Trust architecture, watch our recent webinar on ‘Navigating the Zero Trust Journey with Tony Scott’ (former CIO for the US Federal Government and for Microsoft). Watch the on-demand version now by clicking below:

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