Apple Webinar Series

iOS 11 release information, Introductions to Apple's Device Enrolment Programme, Volume Purchase Programme and Apple IDs

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Register for one of our webinars, where we will introduce you to Apple programs designed to streamline your management of mobile devices along with information on the latest iOS releases and how they will affect your organisation as a whole:

  • iOS 11 for the enterprise - Three major changes you need to know about 
  • Apple Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) - Pre-configure users' iPads and iPhones and automatically enrol them in your chosen MDM solution without having to touch them
  • Apple Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) - Unlock the power of apps through simplified central purchasing and effortless app deployment through silent install
  • Apple IDs - Best practices around iOS and Apple IDs - when to use them, how to use them, how to manage them and when not to use them

The webinars are free to attend and last 30 minutes. 

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