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An Introduction to Mimecast Licensing

This guide is designed to help you find the Mimecast licensing configuration that best meets your needs.




What is Mimecast?

Email Security
Mimecast provides an always-on, cloud-based email security solution that reduces the complexity of protecting your organisation from malware, spam and data leakage. The service delivers robust 100% anti-virus and 99% anti-spam service levels, with 0.0001% spam false positives. An advanced mail transfer agent (MTA) acts as your email bridgehead in the cloud, stopping known and emerging email borne threats before they reach your network.

Enterprise Information Archive
Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving provides a secure, dependable and highly scalable solution to growing information management challenges. A single, tightly integrated cloud platform delivers unified and secure enterprise email archiving as well as file archiving and IM archiving.
- Instantly protect valuable intellectual property assets through a purpose-built, highly secure and trusted cloud platform with 100% service availability SLA.
- Delight users and speed workflows with rapid search and content retrieval through a single, intuitive search interface across a choice of desktop and mobile apps.
- Comprehensive compliance, eDiscovery and litigation support through perpetual retention and documented, tamper-resistant chains of custody.
- Reduce cost and complexity through a single cloud platform and administrative console.

Email Continuity Management

Mimecast Mailbox continuity provides uninterrupted access to live and archive email using Outlook for Windows, the web and mobile applications. 

Mimecast protects against planned and unplanned email server outages without the cost and complexity of alternatives.

In the event of a sudden email outage or planned downtime, Mimecast provides uninterrupted access to live and historic email and attachments from the Mimecast Cloud using everyday tools like Outlook for Windows, the web and mobile applications. Employees get guaranteed access to email — from anywhere, on any device. And administrators can monitor email flow, receive alerts and manage a continuity event all from Mimecast.

Why Mimecast?

Mimecast is a leader in enterprise cloud services for the security, archiving and management of email and corporate human generated data. UK based data centres ensure UK jurisdiction for email archiving, a must for most organisations.

 Which Mimecast licensing bundle do you need? 

The five main feature packages provide a comprehensive level of email security (including targeted threat protection), compliance and data loss protection, continuity cover in the case of a loss of email service, and the further option of email archiving. Mimecast also has a web security service to complement the email packages.


Considering Mimecast for your business?

Download the Mimecast Licensing Guide and find the right configuration for your business.


“Bridgeway really listened to and understood our needs. Their expertise and knowledge of the market allowed us to pick the solution that best fitted our requirements. ”

Director of IT

Maclay Murray & Spens

 Download the Licensing Guide




How much does Mimecast licensing cost?


Licences can be purchased on a per user basis. 

Note there is no minimum requirement of licences but volume breakpoints can save up to 13% at each breakpoint. Please contact us for the latest information on volume breakpoints. 

Bridgeway has a proven pedigree in saving Mimecast customers money and ensuring project success. If you are unsure as to which licence choice is best for your needs, please contact us for some free and impartial advice.


Mimecast awareness training


With Mimecast's expert awareness training, our organisation’s vulnerability to human error by combining effective, modern training techniques with predictive analytics.

We know that even your best employees can be careless and resistant to change. Their casual mistakes can lead to disaster all the time — and the cost can be staggering.

Mimecast Awareness Training Reduces Security Risk Related to Human Error

Bridgeway delivers comprehensive security upgrade for Maclay Murray & Spens LLP


Maclay Murray & Spens LLP (MMS) update their network and security infrastructure to better protect sensitive data against threats, maintain customer confidence, and enhance productivity. Read this case study to find out how Mimecast's cloud email security, continuity, archiving and management solution replaced MMS’s previous on-premise email archiving, freeing up server space and boosting productivity.