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An Introduction to MobileIron Licensing

This guide is designed to help you find the MobileIron licensing configuration that best meets your needs.


MobileIron Licensing Guide download


What is MobileIron?


The MobileIron solution enables IT to secure and manage a diverse set of mobile devices, automatically provision enterprise settings such as Wi-Fi and VPN and provide end users with secure access to corporate email. If a device should fall out of compliance, IT can define remediation actions that will either notify the user of policy violations or selectively wipe corporate information without touching any personal data.


MobileIron is an end-to-end solution that provisions, delivers, secures, and retires mobile apps. With these capabilities, IT can manage the entire application life cycle: from making the applications available to employees through the Apps@Work private enterprise app store; to securing applications on the device; containerising corporate apps from personal apps using MobileIron AppConnect.


Finally, IT can enable end-users to securely access and manage enterprise documents residing in a variety of content repositories. MobileIron’s MCM solution also ensures that corporate email attachments are encrypted and can be viewed using authorised applications including MobileIron Docs@Work. End-users can securely browse corporate intranet content without the need for a device-wide VPN using MobileIron Web@Work.



Why MobileIron?


MobileIron is the leader in unified endpoint management (UEM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) enabling organisations to securely deploy the latest generation of smartphones and mobile devices.

By providing an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution that meets both user demands and IT needs, MobileIron is enabling organisations to become truly Mobile First. The MobileIron Platform allows IT to secure and manage devices, apps, and content providing end-users with instant access to corporate data on a device of their choice. With this purpose-built EMM platform, organisations can spend more time innovating and driving business and less time securing mobile devices.


Its mission is to enable global companies to become mobile-first organisations, embracing mobility as their primary IT platform in order to transform their businesses and increase their competitiveness.



Which MobileIron licensing bundle do you need?


MobileIron offers a choice of feature bundles to ensure that your licensing needs are met cost-effectively and according to the functionality that your mobility project demands.


These feature bundles are aligned with three key phases of a mobility project: Device and email security, Mobile app and content access, and Business and IT transformation. These phases are represented in turn by the Secure UEM Bundle, Secure UEM Premium Bundle, plus Add-on features.


Finding the right licence type for your mobility project is a matter of identifying the right feature bundle and deciding the appropriate device or user licence type, along with perpetual or subscription model.


Considering MobileIron for your business?

Download the MobileIron Licensing Guide and find the right configuration for your business.


"The success of our mobility project (using MobileIron) and resulting cost savings, is a direct result of the expertise and help Bridgeway have continued to offer us."

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Download the Licensing Guide

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How much does MobileIron licensing cost?


Licences can be purchased on a per device, or on a per user basis. A device licence covers just a single device, but a user licence covers up to a maximum of five devices. Whichever you choose, licenses are available to suit either capital expenditure (perpetual licences) or operational expenditure (subscription licences) budget types. Note there is a minimum requirement of 20 licences for any given purchase.

Bridgeway has a proven pedigree in saving MobileIron customers money and ensuring mobile IT project success. If you are unsure as to which licence choice is best for your needs, please contact us for some free and impartial advice.


MobileIron classes taught by technical experts


With Bridgeway’s expert training, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to be fully competent in managing and configuring your organisation’s MobileIron Platform.

Bridgeway is the UK's only official Authorised Training Provider (ATP) for MobileIron.

Our MobileIron classes, taught by technical experts, will provide you with hands-on training in installing, configuring, and administering your chosen MobileIron solution.

We offer three courses: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each covers the basic architecture and functionalities of the MobileIron technology, whilst focusing on certain applications aligned to the respective license bundle.

Take the classes at our training centre in Cambridge or ask us about delivering on-site courses.


How four NHS organisations are using MobileIron EMM solutions to manage mobile device challenges


Mobile computing solutions are delivering huge clinical and operational benefits to the NHS. They help frontline and administrative teams streamline their processes and are having a great impact on the way that clinicians and nursing staff provide better patient care and improve performance.

However, these benefits come hand-in-hand with several challenges:

  • The need to control the use of those mobile devices, whether they are issued by the organisation, or are owned by employees
  • The need to secure the devices and data against loss or theft
  • The need to maintain compliance with internal and external security and confidentiality mandates, especially with respect to Patient Identifiable Data (PID)
  • The need to simplify initial provisioning and on-going configuration, ensuring the users have immediate access to their data and apps, especially when devices are shared between users

This report shows how the ICT teams of four NHS organisations are using MobileIron Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions to manage mobile device proliferation and demands from employees for greater mobility; and enabling user-driven innovation while maintaining security over their mobile estates.


MobileIron Made Easy
Iron Works

MobileIron made easy

This is the MobileIron reporting platform you’ve been dreaming of. IronWorks automatically generates scheduled reports that provide senior management and operational teams with actionable insights and may help save significant amounts of money.

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