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Bridgeway becomes HelloSign by Dropbox partner in Europe

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Bridgeway Security Solutions this week became one of the first HelloSign by Dropbox partners in Europe. HelloSign allows you to electronically request and add legally valid signatures to any document, including new employment agreements, consumer and business contracts, witness statements, NDAs and many more.

HelloSign can be used whenever you need a document transmitted and electronically signed, either by yourself or others. You can use HelloSign to request that person’s signature and other information all online with the response automatically returned to you.  No more time consuming print/sign/scan/email workflows. This simplifies your processes by allowing you to sign all your documents in just a few clicks, giving a more professional, timely and customisable experience. And all with a full audit trail.

Bridgeway's Managing Director, Jason Holloway commented: “We’re very proud to have been specially selected by Dropbox as one of their very few HelloSign launch partners in Europe.  The Digital Transaction Management (DTM) global marketplace was worth $25 Billion last year according to Aragon Research, and represents a natural extension to the cloud collaboration and workflow productivity solutions offered by Dropbox today.“


"Legally binding e-signatures are increasingly common and deliver measurable benefits to companies of all sizes, including improved contractual security, reduced time to revenue and improved completion rates.  For those looking for partial or full automation, whether for integration into existing or new workflows and data stores, HelloSign is a clear market leader in usability, flexibility and extensibility“, Jason continued. 

HelloSign is classified to Standard Electronic Signatures (SES) and Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) in respect of EU Regulation No 910/2014 (eIDAS electronic signature classification)

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Bridgeway becomes HelloSign by Dropbox partner in Europe

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