Webalo is an easy, fast alternative to traditional mobile application development – an affordable, scalable and integral part of the IT enterprise mobility infrastructure that, out-of-the-box, seamlessly integrates and interoperates with enterprise applications and data, Enterprise Mobility Management platforms, and Android, Apple, BlackBerry, and Windows mobile devices.

Webalo mobilises enterprise applications and data in minutes, delivering secure bi-directional, transactional interactivity 100x faster and at a fraction of the cost of traditional mobile application development.

Webalo is enterprise mobility made easy. It uses a simple point-and-click, web-based process that anyone can master to connect smartphones and tablets to the enterprise applications and data you already have.

Every enterprise-to-mobile connection can run on any Android, Apple, BlackBerry, or Windows mobile device through a single, secure mobile client, and each connection gives mobile employees the exact data and functions they need to whiz through tasks and workflows more productively.

Create an infinite number of connections, tasks, and workflows and run them through a single, universal client app on smartphones and tablets.

Webalo Advantages for IT Professionals
Meeting the demands of every business unit’s mobility requests for access to databases, reports, XML Web services, and websites is an overwhelming burden for IT. Yet Webalo lets you meet each one so quickly and easily that you’ll exceed all expectations for delivery and deployment

Webalo Advantages for Business Users
In minutes, Webalo can put interactive, bi-directional, transactional access to IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce.com, and in-house custom-built applications on the smartphone or tablet you already use – securely. Productivity never improved so fast.

Any Data. Any Device. Any Minute.
Give employees productivity-enhancing, individualised access to the enterprise data, tasks, and workflows they rely on – the business mobility capabilities that simplify and streamline their work.