Our Services

We see it all of the time: The business wants ‘x’ but the IT team can only provide ‘y’.

We know where the hype stops and the problems begin. We have worked with the business and the IT function time and time again to uncover the real need and then mitigate the risks leaving our customers delighted. We’ve developed our own hype-cycles which predict the issues that customers will face and exactly how to overcome them. Our customers won’t get this invaluable insight from anybody else. We are experts in our field and we openly share the benefit of our investment and solution excellence over and over again.

We offer a holistic approach to understanding business issues and matching superior solutions. We do this through our depth of marketplace understanding, consulting expertise and using trusted vendors to deliver sustainable advantage.  Our vision-led approach takes products, policies, processes and people into account, helping customers overcome security and risk challenges allowing them to enhance their business.  We are experts in delivering secure IT solutions for enterprise mobility, cloud security and security intelligence.

Strategy Services
Clarity of vision and strategy across the organisation ensures agreed priorities and expectations. Understand the possibilities and set a path for reality.
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Project Management
Eliminate the risks associated with poor planning, design and deployment whilst adding the nuance of security and governance to ensure professional project management.
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Assessment Services
Understand where vulnerabilities exist and establish the organisation’s risk landscape. Determine a path to close, manage or mitigate business risks and understand the actions necessary to achieve and maintain compliance to organisational requirements.
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Deployment Services
Access our deep domain expertise in implementing and optimising the security solution, ensuring change control processes and configuration management complements the existing infrastructure.
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Support Services
Keep your solution at peak performance and enjoy rapid support when things go awry. Receive proactive platform/vendor notifications, fixes and releases. Access support and log incidents by phone or email 24x7.
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Training Services
Accelerate your knowledge on specific partner technologies. Learn from our expert consultants, with hands-on and in-depth training courses to give you the skills you need to manage the applications you implement within your organisation.
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