Dropbox Business Training

With Bridgeway’s expert training, we’ll equip your organisation with the skills and knowledge required to manage and use Dropbox Business.

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Our Dropbox Business courses, taught by our technical experts, will support your organisation in transitioning day to day work to Dropbox by enabling admins to manage, help desk to support and end users to use Dropbox Business.

We offer two courses: Business and Enterprise, aligned to the vendor's licensing bundles.

Take the classes online at your convenience.

Dropbox Business training

We’ll deliver 5 one-hour remote training sessions as listed below:

  • 1 team admin training session
  • 1 help desk training session
  • 3 end user training sessions

Dropbox Enterprise training

We’ll deliver 20 one-hour remote training sessions as listed below:

  • 3 team admin training sessions
  • 3 help desk training sessions
  • 14 end user training sessions

Team admin training sessions

  1. Tiered Admin Capabilities
    • Admin Dashboard
    • User onboarding and offboarding
  2. Monitoring and managing account security
  3. Sharing, team folders and groups
  4. Account settings and help

Help-desk training sessions

  1. Admin levels
    • Support Admin
    • User Management Admins
  2. Member on-boarding flows
  3. Folder structure best practices
  4. Accessing Dropbox Business and adding files
  5. View-only sharing (links)
  6. Collaborative sharing and permissions
    • Events tab (for self-identification)
    • Missing folders/sync issues
  7. Permission issues
  8. Team folders, groups and shared folders
  9. Collaboration features
    • Commenting
    • Dropbox Badges
    • Version history and deletion recovery
    • Conflicted copies

End user training sessions

  1. Joining the Dropbox Business account
  2. How to access and add files to Dropbox Business
  3. How to preserve space on your machine
  4. Sharing collaboratively
  5. Managing groups for sharing
  6. Distributing view-only data
  7. Sharing externally and remote access
  8. Collaboration features
  9. Setting up a folder structure in Dropbox Business


Dropbox Business Training £750
Dropbox Enterprise Training £2,950

All prices exclude VAT.

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How big are the class sizes?
The courses are held online and can be as large or as small as you require.

What knowledge do I need to have to attend the courses?
No previous experience of Dropbox Business (or indeed of Dropbox) is required.

Where are the courses held?
These courses are held on-line, allowing for easy access for your team. On-premise training can also be provided under consultancy terms. Please contact us for a scoping call and bespoke quotation.

Do I gain a qualification?
No qualifications are currently available for this course.